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We set out to provide services for all your healthcare needs with our specialist physicians and expertized staff and devices at international medical standards. While building a new path in the health sector, we have defined our standards with “Patient Oriented” approaches. In the end, our aim to be a responsible organization that desires satisfaction, explores the necessities of our time and develops through adopting innovations.

Our hospital is attracting attention with its unique architecture and provides a comfortable service area with its spacious service units. It is built on an indoor area 19 m2 with total of 75 beds, 13 General Intensive Care Units, 12 Newborn Intensive Care Units, 6 operating rooms and 27 polyclinic units.

Our Units

Emergency Service

Emergency Service is the most important part of our hospital as it works to make the initial intervention quick and accurate. Medisis has developed a systematic working order consisting of equipment that can meet all medical emergency methods, devices in line with international standards, related drugs, experienced physicians and healthcare personnel.

The physicians and healthcare personnel, working together for the quick diagnosis and treatment of emergency patients, are informed about the current data and new developments in the literature through periodic training programs.

Emergency Service;

● is an area designed for quick intervention.

● has the latest technology complying with international medical standards.

● provides the necessary team, equipment and medical drugs for the hold on emergency patient to life.

● Specialists and healthcare personnel are informed about current methods through training programs

Anesthesiology and Reanimation

Anesthesia is one of the initial stages and an essential part of surgery. Through general anesthesia and local anesthesia, the patient loses his/her consciousness and the operation is completed without feeling the effects of the operation. From this perspective, the expertise of anesthetist has a very important role in the operation. The drugs used to prevent pain in patients are administered at rates determined by Anesthesiology and Reanimation physicians. One of the most important responsibilities of the anesthetist is to minimize the negative effects on the human body and to ensure that the patient is awakened healthily after the surgery.

Anesthesiology and Reanimation;

● is carried out by specialist anesthetists and assistant technicians. Provides temporary loss of consciousness.

● Eliminates pain during operation.

● Provides comfort to the patient during surgery operation.

● facilitates surgical intervention by prevents reflex activity.

Oral and Dental Health

Oral and Dental Health is a valuable part of life quality. Diagnosis and treatment methods in line with international medical standards are employed for dental problems of all age groups.

● Implant and Implant Top Prosthesis

● Impacted, semi impacted and wisdom tooth extraction

● Scaling

● Bleaching

● Orthodontics

● Prosthesis (Crown- Bridge)

● Zirconium and Laminate Practices

● Aesthetic Dentistry Solutions

● Filling and Canal Treatment

Nutrition and Dietary

Nutritional requirements are one of the most important necessities of life but if people do not have a conscious nutrition culture it may lead to diseases. Nutrition and Dietary specialists first identify individuals' ideal weight status; and according to their gender, age, height, physical activity and blood test results, a personalized eating plan is determined and a treatment plan is prepared. At certain intervals, the change in body composition is monitored and compared with the plan.

Nutrition and Dietary;

● Evaluates physical structure, fat ratio and muscular tissue.

● balances the distribution of body weight.

● Controls basal metabolism rate.

● Makes muscle and fat mass distribution analysis of the body, in five different parts according to ratio, weight and quantity.

● Identifies ideal weight, body type according to fat and muscle status and total body fluid.

● Controls impedance index, body muscle quantity and spring distribution.

Brain and Nerve Surgery (Neurosurgery)

Our Neurosurgery Clinic gives therapeutic services for brain, nerve and spinal diseases. Our specialized and academically experienced team examines patients applying to our Neurosurgery Polyclinic in a detailed way. Your pre-diagnosis is confirmed through our high-tech Screening methods (Tomography, MRI, USG, ENMG).Your operation is performed safely through modern microsurgical processes with the advanced technology surgical microscope, C-arm scopy device, CUSA and electromonitorisation techniques accompanied by Neuro-anesthesia methods.

Your post-operative care is performed by our nurses specialized on Brain Surgery in our fully-fledged and isolated Intensive Care and / or in our single rooms that respond to each need. Your post-operative rehabilitation need is provided by our full-fledged Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Unit with physicians and physiotherapists working closely with our Neurosurgery Department. Your postoperative follow-ups are done with meticulous care and even if you have forgotten, you will be called at certain intervals to meet with your doctor. In short, you are safe with us in your Nervous System's Operations.

Brain Operations;

● Brain tumors

● cerebral hemorrhage, Cerebral cortex hemorrhage

● Brain aneurism

● Beyin anevrizmaları

● Brain arteriovenous malformations (AVM)

● Brain cavernomas

● Hydrocephalus and shunt operations

● Shunt surgery treatments for dementia

● Skull malformations in childhood period (craniosynostosis)

● Brain abscess

● Head Traumas

● Skull fracture treatment

● Carotid artery stenosis treatment

● Surgery treatment of stroke

● Surgery treatment of Parkinson, dystonia and tremor

Spine and Spinal Cord Operations;

● Herniated cervical disc

● Herniated lumbar disc

● Back Hernia

● Spondylolisthesis

● Spondylosis

● Recurrent herniated disc surgery

● Treatment of failed back surgery syndrome

● Curvature of the spine (Scoliosis)

● Kyphosis (hollow-back)

● Spinal fractures operations

● Vertebroplasty-kyphoplasty administration for spinal fractures due to senility

● Primer and metastatic tumors of Spine, spinal cord

● Spinal injuries

● Spine infections

● Spine abscess

● Spine midline fusion defects (myelocele, meningomyelocele, diastomatomyelia, tetheredcord)

● Stabilization Operations

● Percutaneous algology interventions for spinal pain

Peripheral Nerve Surgery;

● Nerve compression in the hand (carpal tunnel)

● Nerve compression in the elbow (cubital tunnel syndrome)

● Nerve compression in the foot (tarsal tunnel syndrome)

● Microsurgery for nerve damages

● Peroneal nerve entrapment

● Brachial plexus injuries

● Nerve tumors

Biochemistry Laboratory

With devices in line with International Medical Standards, Biochemistry Laboratory serves tests and analyses such as;

● Hormone Analyses,

● Hematology-Coagulation Analyses,

● Tumor Marker Analyses

doing tests like.


The fact that a person looks healthy does not give an idea about possible diseases that may occur in the future. However, a general evaluation of the health status through a Check-Up would make it possible to diagnose the diseases without any symptoms in advance. Early diagnosis is of vital importance, especially in cancer cases. The success rate of treatment of cancer types that are diagnosed early is increasing thanks to check up. Early diagnosis and treatment for all other diseases increases the life quality and prolongs the life span. 

For information on Medisis Check-Up packages, you may call 0312 666 0 800.


● Identifies diseases those are not yet symptomatic.

● facilitates the treatment of the disease with early diagnosis.

● Enables early diagnosis of cancer and increases the chances of treatment success.

● Increases the life quality and expands the life span.


In Pediatrics Polyclinic, child healthcare services are provided to age groups between the newborn and adult. In addition to monitoring the development of children, all special vaccines are administered in accordance with the calendar determined by the Ministry of Health.

Our Polyclinic serves for the diagnosis and treatment of childhood diseases and infectious diseases as well as childhood nutrition. Our Polyclinic provides primary health care service for all children in the light of current international medical standards and postpartum period is carefully monitored and guided.

It is very important that the baby have breast milk immediately after birth. In this regard, our nurses explain the benefits of breastfeeding to mothers and provide information regarding breastfeeding techniques and infant care.

Our Polyclinic has a colorful atmosphere with special areas created for children and their parents. Children can spend time having fun in the playing areas. In addition, the area is divided into two spaces as Newborn and others, so that during the waiting period parents can use these spaces for needs such as diaper change and breastfeeding

Pediatrics Department;

● Serves to all age groups between Newborn and adult.

● Vaccines are administered according vaccination schedule and their development.

● Mothers are trained on the importance of breast milk, breastfeeding techniques and baby care.

● Children’s play areas provide comfortable waiting rooms for parents.

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